Other services we can provide

We also provide a range of other services some of which are listed below. If you have a specific requirement please feel free to contact us and we will confirm if it is something we can help with.

Grass Cutting

We can provide a basic grass cutting and strimming service as a one off or regular visit

Tidy up time

If tidying up the kitchen or having a spring clean of the shed. We can be a second pair of hands to get everything in order even if its just a cupboard


If you suddenly find yourself unable to do the shopping due to ill health or just running out of time give us a call and we can collect it  for you

Handy Man

There are a variety of handy man jobs we are able to do, from putting up curtain rails to changing  a battery in your TV remote and if we cant help we can put you in touch with someone who can. 

Please note.

All the above are subject to charges, please contact us with your specific requirement for a no obligation quote, we do not provide personal care.